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Female Show & Sale report 2018

24the February 2018

Blackface females to 11,000gns at Lanark

Averages: 63 females, £1451.17. 18 ewes, £2356.67; 45 gimmers, £1088.97.

Trade peaked at 11,000gns at the Blackface Sheep Breeders Association annual female show and sale at Lanark on Saturday.
Leading the way was a one-crop ewe by a £90,000 Blackhouse sire, from Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, Muirkirk. A first prize winner at Muirkirk Show in 2016, this one is out of a ewe by a £24,000 Elmscleugh, and sold carrying a single to the £58,000 Auldhouseburn tup, Mourinho. Buyer was Paul Coulson, for his High Staward flock at Hexham.
It was another one-crop ewe, this time from John and Charlie Harkin, Loughash, Strabane, that secured the days second top price of 6000gns. A daughter of a £40,000 Loughash, out of a ewe by a £6500 Midlock, this one sold carrying twins to last years £11,000 Nunnerie, to Veronica Fullerton, Draperstown, Co Londonderry, who also paid 2800gns for another Loughash one-crop ewe. That one, a daughter of £24,000 Elmscleugh, out of a ewe by £25,000 McAllister, sold due to the £45,000 Loughash lamb sold last year.
From the same pen, a gimmer by £5500 Dalwyne, out of a daughter of £24,000 Elmscleugh, sold to William Crawford, Northern Ireland for 3800gns. She is another in-lamb to the £45,000 Loughash tup, carrying a single.
Champion at the pre-sale show, judged by Eoin McKenna, Ballyknock, Maghera, was a gimmer from Robert Cockburn, Hill of Errol, Perthshire, which sold for 5600gns. Sired by £3400 Lurg, out of a ewe by a son of a £5800 Connachan, this one sold carrying twins to a Lurg-bred son of a £9000 Dalwyne, to Ewen Macmillan, Lurg, Fintry.
Best from David Morrisons Dalwyne consignment, from Barr, was a gimmer by the home-bred Davinci, which sold at 3200gns to Malcolm Coubrough, Whelphill, Lamington. Out of a ewe by the Buffalo, she is due to a son of £52,000 Crossflatt, carrying a single.
Matching that 3200gns price tag was a gimmer from Archie and John MacGregors Allanfauld pen, a second prize winner at last years Royal Highland Show, which sold to Tom Bagan, Waterlands, Fenwick. She is by the Beast, a home-bred son of £25,000 Crossflatt, out of a ewe by Sputnic, and in-lamb to £32,000 Midlock.
Top seller for Ewen Macmillan, Lurg, was a one-crop ewe by a £2400 Lurg, out of a ewe by a £600 Lurg, which sold at 3000gns to Rhona Monro, Fanmore, Mull. That one is due twins to the £22,000 Dalchirla tup, The Monarch.
At 2200gns, John Murray, Crossflatt, Muirkirk, sold a two-crop daughter of McCoy, out of a ewe by £26,000 Crossflatt, to Messrs Fraser, Balgowan, Lagganbridge. A full sister to the £25,000 Crossflatt tup, she is scanned twins to £45,000 Loughash.

Other leading prices:
1900gns  Burncastle (gimmer), by £7500 Burncastle, due to £25,000 Elmscleugh, to CC MacArthur, Nunnerie, Elvanfoot; Lurg (two-crop), by £11,000 Gass, due to a home-bred son of £28,000 Auldhouseburn, to D Harrison, Annalong, Co Down; Grains (gimmer), by Gold Blend, due to £24,000 Connachan, to I and G Davidson, Larne, Northern Ireland.
1800gns  Whelphill (two-crop), by £10,000 Dalchirla, due to £20,000 Dyke, to Curran Bros, Culmore, Derry, Northern Ireland.
1700gns  Dyke (three-crop), by £24,000 Elmscleugh, due to £32,000 Dalchirla, to J and C Harkin, Loughash, Strabane.
1600gns  Dyke (one-crop), by £25,000 Crossflatt, due to £8000 Auldhouseburn, to C Toner, Castlewellan, Co Down; Midlock (four-crop, reserve champion), by £90,000 Dalchirla, due to £28,000 Auldhouseburn, to D Harrison, Annalong, Co Down.
1500gns  Allanfauld (three-crop), by Gee Whizz, due to £32,000 Midlock, to Conway Bros, Prumbridge, Northern Ireland; Blackhouse (gimmer), by £1400 Auldhouseburn, due to a home-bred son of £25,000 Elmscleugh, to A Orr.
1400gns  Mitchellhill (gimmer), by £1800 Silloans, due to £9000 Glenrath, to S Heads, Aitkenhead, Fenwick; Midlock (gimmer), by a son of £40,000 Dalchirla, due to Hawkeye, to Messrs McCarry, Northern Ireland.
1300gns  Uppercleugh (two-crop), by £26,000 Crossflatt, due to £50,000 Crossflatt, to C Toner, Castlewellan, Co Down; Midlock (gimmer), by £800 Dalchirla, due to Gold Blend, to Messrs McCarry, Northern Ireland.
1100gns  Auldhouseburn (gimmer), by £160,000 Dalchirla, due to £75,000 Dalchirla, to E McKenna, Ballyknock, Maghera.
1000gns  High Staward (gimmer), by £50,000 Crossflatt, due to £30,000 Dalchirla, to W Stevenson, Balrazzie, Ballantrae; Lurg (one-crop), by a home-bred son of £13,000 Loughash, due to The Monarch, to J and C Harkin, Loughash; Uppercleugh (two-crop), by £5200 Elmscleugh, due to £50,000 Crossflatt, to Messrs Breslin, Northern Ireland; Nunnerie (gimmer), by £36,000 Midlock, due to a home-bred son of £8000 Loughash, to C Gallacher, Cattry, Co Donegal; Crossflatt (gimmer), by £18,000 Gass, due to Tornado, to Messrs Fraser, Balgowan, Lagganbridge.

Pre-Sale Show Results  Judge Eoin McKenna, Ballyknock, Maghera
Cahmpion  E MacMillna, Lurg, Fintry
Reserve Champion  J & J Wight, Midlock, Crawford
Ewes  1st Midlock, 2nd Whelphill, 3rd Lurg, 4th Dyke, 5th Upper Cleugh
Gimmers  1st Hill of Errol, 2nd Grains, 3rd Dalwyne, 4th Midlock, 5th Allanfauld

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