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Castle Douglas Ewe Lamb Sale 2017
4th September 2017

Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Limited continued their second Breeding Sheep Sale on Monday 4th September when they held their annual Blackface Ewe Lamb Sale.

Like all other breeding sales held this season so far lambs in general were smaller given the adverse effects of the weather. Despite this select lots were very well bid for with Irish buyers readily willing to pay good money for top draws.

Topping the sale at £155 were a pen of quality lambs consigned by breeding stalwarts JW Kay & Co, Gass, Straiton selling to Balavil Estate Services, Balavil Estate, Kingussie. Next up at £138 was a pen from J Mitchell & Sons, Little Larg, New Luce selling to Mr H McAskill, Woodhall, Dunbar.

Overall 2728 lambs forward averaged £79.82 a rise of £1.23 on the year.

Leading Prices

Gass Farm £155; Little Larg £138; Knockdon £134; Craig £132; Fingland £132; Knockdon £132; Little Larg £126; Balmurrie £124; Craigdarroch £108; Fingland £108; Larg Fmg £105; Larg Fmg £101; Largs, Straiton £100; Glen, Gatehouse £100; Little Larg £98; Craig, Straiton £98; Knockdon £98; Glen, Gatehouse £96; Drannandow £96; Balmurrie £94; Miltonise £94; Kncokreoch £92; Milnmark £92; Grimmet £92; Little Larg £92; Milnmark £90; Ardoch £90; Drannandow £90;

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