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National Show 2017
23rd July 2017


A fantastic display of North, South and North of England type Blackface sheep turned out for the Associations National Show, held at Stirling Agricultural Centre, on Sunday 23rd July.
The event  held every five years  enjoyed a record entry of 432, with 264 of those in the largest section, the south-type. Judge in that ring was Allan Wight Snr, of Midlock, Crawford, who selected a one-crop ewe named Lady Mac, from the breeds Honourary President Archie MacGregor, son John, and shepherd, David Kinloch, Allanfauld, Kilsyth, as best overall.
This home-bred ewe is by the privately-bought Loughash tup, McIlroy, while the dam is by the £32,000 Allanfauld Rocket. Describing her as a tremendous ewe, with great character, Mr Wight added, it was a very good show of sheep right through, and there wasnt much between my champion and reserve  both were outstanding ewes.
His choice of reserve was the second-placed ewe, from the Campbell family at Glenrath, Peebles. Brought out by shepherds Steven Renwick and Donald McDermid, this three-crop ewe is by £90,000 Dalchirla, out of a ewe by £65,000 Auldhouseburn. She stood champion of champions at Peebles Show last year.
In the males, champion went to David Morrison, Dalwyne, Barr, Ayrshire, with the £52,000 Crossflatt tup, bought last year as a lamb, alongside the Dalblair flock, with Crossflatt retaining a share. He is by £160,000 Dalchirla, out of a ewe by a £26,000 Crossflatt.
Reserve male was a tup lamb from Hugh and Alan Blackwood, Auldhouseburn, Muirkirk. A son of an £85,000 Elmscleugh sire, he is out of a ewe by Auldhouseburn Bolt.
Judging of the North-type Blackfaces was in the hands of Mark Smyth, of the Cam flock in Coleraine, Northern Ireland. His choice of champion was a two-shear ram from Tom, Mairi and Robert Paterson, who run 320 North-type ewes and 1000 South-type, at Craigneich and Dunruchan, Muthill, Crieff. Bought at Stirling last year for £10,000 from Auchnacloich, he is sired by an Achdregnie tup, out of a ewe by a £900 Glendamph.
Reserve overall Northie was the female champion, a ewe lamb from David Baillie, Calla, Carnwath, brought out by shepherd Jamie McInnes. Sired by a £1000 McAleer tup, she is out of a ewe by a £6500 Woolfords.
In the female championship, that ewe lamb stood ahead of Stephen Duncans two-crop ewe, from Achdregnie, Glenlivet. Sired by a £3000 Calla tup, she is out of a ewe by an £800 Conway sire.
Meanwhile, reserve male went to a shearling from the Smith familys Haughton flock at Glenkindie. This home-bred tup is by an £8500 ram bought from Mark Smyth two years ago, while the dams sire cost £6000 from Tom Adams.
Over in the North of England section, judge was Northumberland-based Robert Raine, Townfoot, West Woodburn. He chose a ewe lamb from Angus and Jamie Murray, Sewingshields, Haydon Bridge, Hexham, as overall champion. She is by a £9000 Wanwood Hill sire, bought at Hexham two years ago.
The Murray family also took home the reserve male champion rosette, with a £12,500 Tofthouse tup, by a home-bred son of a £6000 Williamhope, which is jointly owned with the Hotbank flock.
Reserve overall in the North of England ring was the male champion, a shearling ram from the Ridleys of Shitlighton Hall, Hexham. He is by a Chapelhouse sire and out of a Carrick-bred ewe.
Reserve female went to the second-placed ewe lamb, from Andrew and Caroline Hunter and stockman George Birnie, Carrick Farm, Elsdon. She is by a Kirkstead sire and out of a home-bred ewe by a £7000 Wanwood Hill.

Class results:
SOUTH TYPE (Judge: Allan Wight Snr, Midlock, Crawford).
Aged ram  1, Pole; 2, Allanfauld; 3, Dunruchan: 4, Mithchellhill; 5, Remony
Shearling ram  1, Dalwyne; 2, Hartside; 3, Aitkenhead; 4 & 5, Auldhouseburn; 6, Balliemeanoch
Ram lamb  1, Auldhouseburn; 2, Nunnerie; 3&4, High Staward; 5, Dyke; 6, Allanfauld
Ewe  1, Allanfauld; 2, Glenrath; 3, Aitkenhead; 4, Dyke; 5,Nunnerie; 6, Uppercleugh
Gimmer  1, Nunnerie; 2, Blackhouse; 3&4, Auldhouseburn; 5, High Staward; 6, Drumgrange.
Ewe lamb  1, Auldhouseburn; 2, Glenrath; 3, Dyke; 4,Dalwyne; 5, Pole; 6, High Staward
Best bred by exhibitor  Allanfauld.

NORTH TYPE (Judge: Mark Smyth, Cam Blackfaces, Coleraine).
Aged ram  1, Craigneich; 2, Hillhead of Mornish; 3, Achdregnie; 4, Woolfords; 5, Calla; 6, Haughton.
Shearling ram  1, Haughton; 2, Achdregnie; 3, Calla; 4, Auchnacloich; 5, Haughton; 6, Achdregnie.
Ram lamb  1, Haughton; 2, Woolfords; 3, Achdregnie; 4, Auchnacloich; 5&6, Hillhead of Morinsh.
Ewe  1, Achdregnie; 2, Craigneich; 3, Auchnacloich; 4,Calla; 5, Woolfords; 6, Viewmount.
Gimmer  1, Calla; 2, Craigneich; 3, Achdregnie; 4, Woolfords; 5, Auchdregnie;6, Calla.
Ewe lamb  1, Calla; 2, Viewmount; 3, Calla; 4, Achdregnie; 5, Auchnacloich; 6, Viewmount.
Best bred by exhibitor  Calla.

NORTH OF ENGLAND TYPE (Judge: Robert Raine, Townfoot, West Woodburn).
Aged ram  1, Sewingshields; 2, Sewingshields; 3, The Steel; 4, Tofthouse.
Shearling ram  1, Shitlington Hall; 2, Sewingshields; 3, Sewingshields; 4, Wanwood Hill; 5, Townshields; 6, Wanwood Hill
Ram lamb  1, Shitlington Hall; 2, The Steel; 3, Sewingshields; 4, Carrick; 5, Edgesgreen;6, Prospect House.
Ewe  1, Sewingshields; 2, Sewingshields; 3, Shitlington Hall; 4, The Steel; 5, Townshields; 6, Tofthouse.
Gimmer  1, Wanwood Hill; 2, Sewingshields; 3, Carrick; 4, The Steel; 5, Carrick; 6, Sewinghields.
Ewe lamb  1, Sewingshields; 2, Carrick; 3, Sewingshields; 4, Prospect House; 5, Townshields; 6, Prospect House.

Thank you to everyone involved with the National Show and making it such a great success; the exhibitors for coming along with a tremendous show of sheep, a credit to everyone, Congratulations to all the prize winners especially Archie & John Macgregor, Allanfauld winning the South type, Tom & Mairi Paterson, Criagneich, winning the North Type and Jamie Murray, Sewingshields, winning the North of England Type; the judges, Allan Wight snr, Mark Smyth and Robert Raine for making a great job, especially Allan who had massive classes to judge; All the sponsors especially United Auctions and Crystalyx; Ardbeg and Bruichladdich distilleries for supplying the miniatures at cost price (Elliot Bowman and Ken Fletcher for organising them); The Scottish Farmer for being media partners; the staff at United auctions, Archie & John MacGregor, David Rock and Alister Robb for helping set up; Matt Stevenson for commentating; Pamela Nicol, President and David Shedden, vice president for keeping things running smoothly along with the stewards  John MacPherson, Billy Renwick, Willie Bennie, David Rock, Billy Brady, Brian Cocker, Mark Simpson and Peter Turnbull; thank you Anne MacPherson for taking such excellent photos. Lynsey Clark for doing the report.
Also thank you to the girls behind the scenes, Donna Mackenzie for keeping facebook updated, Wilma Kass and Vicky Shedden for organising the rosettes and Carolyn Baird and Kay McColm for manning the stand. Thank you to everyone for making all my organising worthwhile. Aileen

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