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Castle Douglas Ewe Hoggs 2017

5th June 2017

Wallets Marts Castle Douglas Ltd opened their 2017 breeding sheep sales in style on
Monday 5th June when they sold 1092 Blackface and Scotch Mule Ewe Hoggs.
Ewe Hoggs were shown in tremendous bloom having benefitted from one of the
best springs on record. This reflected in the trade as well with prices being well up on
the year with many buyers going home short of numbers. 784 Blackface Ewe hoggs
topped at £182 for a pen from J W Kay & Co., Gass Straiton selling to Mr Brian Mullen,
Co Derry. Glen Farming Co were next up at £178 selling to Seamus Maginn,
Downpatrick. Little Larg were next at £176 selling to J H Logan & Co, Dalfask.
Blackface ewe hoggs averaged £132.81, a rise of £28.86 on the year.
328 Scotch Mule Ewe Hoggs were also keenly bid for topping at £129 from Mr
Jameson, Garrochtrie and selling to Messs Fergusson, East Side, Durisdeer. Mule
hoggs averaged £107.26.
Blackface Ewe Hoggs
£182 Gass; £178 Glen, Gatehouse; £176, £160 Little Larg; £156 Gass; £156 Linfairn;
£154 Corsebank; £152 Beock Loch Doon; £152 Corsebank; £150 Craigdarroch; £146
Kirkland; £144 Gass; £138 Glenmanna; £138 Burnfoot; £138 Linfairn; £132
Drumgrange; £130 Glen, Gatehouse
Greyface Ewe Hoggs
£129 Garrochtrie; £123, £122 Drumgrange; £120(x2) Garrochtrie; £120 Mossend; £118
Garrochtrie; £100 Drumgrange

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